Send me a photo of your favorite city so that I can create you a pottery piece. 

                           The following are examples of my home town.

To place an order go to my etsy site (click here). After placing your order message me the photo directly from Etsy.

Square Plates (10x10)  

Rectangular Platters (10x16)   

                    Plaza   Square Plate

  JC Nichols Fountain   Square Plate

     Western Auto   Square Plate

               Downtown   Rectangular Plate

     Cityscape    Rectangular Plate

JC Nichols Fountain   Rectangular Plate

                City Scape   Square Plate

Kauffman Center   Rectangular Plate

City Market  Square Plate

Chiefs  Square Plate

Round Bowls   

City Scape  Round Bowl

Plaza  Round Bowl

Western Auto  Round Bowl

Kauffman Center   Round Bowl

Kansas City Downtown   Round Bowl